Beauty is a human necessity

Architecture is always political

The two biggest challenges of today are climate change and social inequality

We strive to make beautiful buildings that help make tomorrow better than today


Everyone deserves beautiful architecture

The most environmentally sophisticated architecture is small and simple

Sometimes it’s best not to build anything at all


MSA has completed projects at multiple scales in a variety of contexts, from small interiors for private organizations to large public spaces for city government.

MSA is interested in working on any project that helps make tomorrow better than today.

Of particular interest:
Adaptive reuse // community buildings // modest single family houses // housing for the 99% // field houses // public spaces // public washrooms // social housing // office space for progressive companies and non-profits // projects that enhance human health and wellness // installations for non-violent civil disobedience  

Things we like ...

Perhaps our favourite building ever is the Pantheon.

... and the architect we most admire at the moment: Luis Barragan. So good!